Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TIFF REVIEW: FILM #45 "Monsters"

DIRECTED BY - Gareth Edwards

This is what monster movies should be like.
At it's core monsters is a simple plot really, "so if we don't get out of teh country in the next 48hrs well be stuck here for 6months". It doesn't get more blatant than that- and this is one of the worst lines of dialogue in the whole movie because of its rare on the nose delivery. The rest of monsters is such a treat where it let's you fill in the gaps and enjoy watching a movie where everyone is tired of dealing with these things and just want to get through the "attack season".
While the - get from a to b - story is basic, it's a very fun ride along the way with solid performances, stunning visuals and a good balance of comedy and Hitchcock like terror (what you can't see scares you more) monsters has a great deal of withstraint when delving into the horror/sci-fi genre.
Added coolness is that monsters was made for next to nothing by a bunch of friends who headed to mexico and just made a movie. The special effects were mostly all completed by te director alone at home, which is an accheivment in itself and should be throwing inspiration to any and all aspiring filmmakers. This is the kind of movie you can make without the system, this is the bar and it has just been raised!

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