Thursday, September 9, 2010

TIFF REVIEW: FILM #11 "Bunraku"


IN MY OPINION - 7.5/10

Wholy fun. This is like sin city, but with an adrenaline shot. Visually it's something else, stylistically it's all by itself, action wise it's great fun and pretty awesome - have I seen better, sure, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with this action.
An awesome cast lead us through a narrated tale of sought after revenge in a fantastical world where everyone looks like the walked off the dick Tracey set- but in a good way.
The problem with movies like this, that rely so heavily on the action and visual style is that the second act just lags. While it wasn't so bad with Bunraku, I did find myself wondering when it was gonna wrap up and get to the final battle. And then when we get to the final battle I was let down a bit. Ron Perlman is constantly being talked up as the master and the best and all that stuff, but when we get to the end ad it's finally his time to kick some ass I was cheated out of it- which kind of sucked.
I did like hearing a mock story of spiderman told via pop-up book and watching a bunch of cirque de sole esq performance add Kung-Fu to their mix. Watch this movie, it's fun.

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