Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TIFF REVIEW: FILM #31 "I Saw The Devil"

DIRECTED BY - Kim Jee-woon

     Wholly crap this is a great thriller, both visually and contextually it's a treat. Cut 10 minutes out of the 1st half and it would have been better.
      The cut at TIFF was the extended/band in asia cut, which is always great, and when you're in unrated territory by the director of old boy, well I hope you get the picture as to how great this can be.
     The idea that serial killers are everywhere, and sociopaths just happen upon sociopaths all the time was hilarious to me, with bloody results that made me give everyone a second glance on the way home.
     While there isn't a lot of "who dun it" here, there is a lot of thought behind everything happening giving this flick an added edge over other gory hunter/prey movies.  

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