Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TIFF REVIEW: FILM #41 " Wasted on the Young"


      I  have never seen the text message in movies dilema dealt with so well. I think the director drawers credit, if for nothin else, for this. The bonus is that the director also deserves credit fir making a really great high school drama thriller that kept me cringing and squirming and also guessing.
      The story may not be the most original, in fact it's not that original at all - new girl gets taken advantage of at a party, cool guys accussed of rape, denial, gossip, pain and revenge. It's one of the standard stories for high school genre films. BUT it's all in the execution, and wasted on the young does a superb job of telling old in a new way.
       Performances are all solid. There wasn't a character I didn't believe, primarily the leads. Wow. The intensity in this film is great, and when it builds and builds and brimms over you can't help but be excited.
    Watch this film. It's really damn good.

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