Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quickie for day 2 cause i know you vant wait

My day started at the tiff box office JUST before the lunch rush. Thank god. Man it was busy.  And while the big board wasn't up to date on what was still available and was very annoying I will say this. The girl that helped me, and those around me, had the patience of a saint as I went through second third forth and random selections.  Now my tiff is packed with close to 40 films. 

Here's what I saw yesterday.

URBANIZED.   Very good doc about "the city" as a whole and as an idea. Shots of Toronto made all who viewed it compare each bike lane story, each use of abandoned space story, each low income housing story and compare it to where we call home.  We didn't so great.     Impactful and full of a better way of living thinking urbanzied was fairly spread out and lacked the storyline of a feature.    That said. When you see the trees in stutgart getting ripped down its one of the most inpactful moments in a movie I've seen yet. "After ww2 when the city was bombed and winter hit, people still didn't cut down these 200 year old trees" says an activist.   Wow.


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