Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quickie day 2 take 2

Silly phone blogging.
Now I have to try and recreate my brilliant reviews that had been typed out on my phone. Then deleted. 
Here goes.

THE HUNTER.  Good movie. Man vs nature vs man.  While watching Mr Dafoe is great, there's only so much walking through the bush and putting little circles on maps a man can take.  The underlying corporate thriller is under used, but hinted at enough to make it seem ever present.  Both the hunting of an extinct animal and the corporate element seem to take a backseat to a story of a man who is paid to look the other way as a profession, but decides not to anymore.   Good but not great. 7/10

GOD BLESS AMERICA.   Hilarious. My opinion was most likely skewed by the laugh riot that was bobcats intro.and QnA period but the film rang true, in a scary way.    Basically a mismatched due of a divorcee 45 year old guy and a high Schiller start driving cross country taking out the people that are making America the giant tool box it is. People like American idol judges and guys that take up two.parking spaces because they can.   Its crass and rude and shocking and hilarious (they kill a baby! A baby!!!) But that all adds to its likability as an over the top grandstand to douchbags everywhere to smarten up and stop being dinks.  I also think its this crassness and ultra violence that will make it a cult hit by the very people its making fun of. 

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